LockNLube Grease Gun

LockNLube Grease Gun

Introducing the LockNLube Grease Gun: the ultimate solution for all your grease fitting needs. No more worries about couplers popping off or leaks, even under intense pressure. Say goodbye to constant adjustments while lubricating – your hands can focus on the task at hand.

With its innovative sliding sleeve feature, activated effortlessly by a thumb lever, the LockNLube Grease Gun ensures a secure connection every time. Imagine four spring-steel jaws tightly embracing the Zerk fitting, forming a leak-proof seal that guarantees a mess-free experience. The reinforced lock mechanism prevents any accidental breakage, maintaining that dependable seal.

Encountering pressurized fittings? No problem. Just release the coupler and depress the lever to swiftly ease the pressure. Plus, maintenance is a breeze – if any leakage occurs, you can easily replace the seal and jaws, making your coupler good as new. And the best part? Every coupler comes with a complimentary replacement seal and jaws.


Experience the LockNLube Grease Gun difference. Simplify your lubrication tasks and make informed decisions. Your hands deserve the ease and reliability this grease gun offers. Say hello to efficient greasing without the fuss.

Origin of LockNLube Grease Gun

Additionally, a sugar cane farmer invented the LockNLube Grease Coupler in South Africa. He was very frustrated and depressed by the continued leaking of other grease couplers, and there was a very painful problem of grease fittings popping off under pressure. Basically, it was invented to improve the design and quality of these grease guns.

Storage and display

The LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler delivers in boxes and 20 couplers are included in every box. The boxes are 8″ in depth by 9″ in width by 4″ in height. For demonstration, it suggests that use its countertop display unit which is made of a 20″ grease hose. LockNLube, a recessed lubed fitting and customary, and two snares to show 10 oil couplers. It offers the chance for the clients to utilize the coupler on different fittings before its purchase.

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Application of LockNLube Grease Gun

The LockNLube Grease Coupler can make greasing smooth, easier, cleaner, and faster than concerning types of machinery or their class. It is beneficial and important for every customer. It is very durable and long-lasting that’s why customers like it a lot.

Selling points

    • Gives a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty.
    • Modern and elegant design which doesn’t require so much space on the truck and can easily be sold to a variety of customers.
    • Adjustable with all kinds of grease guns, helping to enhance its functionality, ignoring its brand, model, or make.

Manufacturing specs of LockNLube Grease Gun

The inventor is still manufacturing the Grease Gun in South Africa, USA.

    • Durable nitric rubber seal and four hundred steel jaw
    • Weighs four oz
    • Effective up to ten thousand psi
    • Three-point five long.

Experience with LockNLube Grease Gun

I obtained several wrenches to remove the end fitting from the Lincoln 1162 gun. I need to offer gratitude to Lincoln in light of screwing the fitting onto the male strings utilizing two or three hundred-foot pounds of force. Using many curse words and 2 pipe wrenches, luckily I finally got the Lincoln fitting and screwed the LockNLube Grease Gun onto the end of the hose, snugging it with a crescent wrench. The activities of the thumb lever to increase the collet is flexible, easy, and smooth.

 I was incredibly associated with the measurement of the terminal and it impeccably fits. Wherever includes pins at the can end of the FEL where the zerk is in a counterbore into the U-joint and on the sleeve to contact the zerk fitting area. Tap on the thumb lever, release, and slip the collet over the zerk.

Furthermore, every last bit of pump grease goes into the fitting, and there is no leakage. Release the thumb lever and the cap removes from the zerk easily, and there is no resistance at all. I gained on all the grease points for the FEL and those under the machine, giving it the same result: no fuss, no muss. For me, the cost which included free shipping was worth it.

Very easy to use

I have been wasting a huge amount of grease on fittings, and I always worry that I am not applying enough to the U-joint, which can lead to early failure This tool plays the trick very easily. You know that, It is constructed perfectly, use very easily, and does accurately. I don’t like grease for a lot of time. They are messy and stray grease every time jump on me. To get the grease effortlessly, where you want it. Without holding and releasing the hose makes me like my gun, a lot better. And then, you grease your machine otherwise you have to pay a high price later. It makes your life easier and helps you to complete your task easily.

LockNLube Grease


    • Work with all grease gun types: pneumatic, manual, and electric.
    • Active on all Metric and SAE specification Zerks (grease nipples).
    • Adjust 1/8-inch NPT thread.
    • Active with all grease gun producers, including Lumax, Alemite, Plews lubrication (Edelmann), Grainger, SKF, Macnaught, ADT, Milwaukee, John Deere, Wilmar, Legacy, Allstar, Sealey, Draper, and many others.
    • Easily depress the trigger to leave, even under pressure.
    • Greasing without holding. Lock on and let loose two hands to work your oil weapon.
    • Very hard nitrile rubber seal for longevity under high pressure.
    • Four solidified spring steel jaws are tough under high tension.
    • Check the valve to decrease leakage.
    • Perfect for high-pressure, heavy-duty applications.

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What type of grease guns does the LockNLube grease coupler fit onto?

Here’s a list of capable grease guns that the LockNLube coupler fits:

    • Lincoln
    • Lumax
    • Alemite
    • Plews lubrication (Edelmann)
    • Grainger
    • SKF
    • John Deere
    • Macnaught
    • Sealey
    • Draper


    • Due to the thumb lever, release from fittings is very easy.
    • In addition, a non-slip texture has been added to help with easy gripping.
    • The patented design is to reduce leakage and prevent mess.


    • The gun is very long which makes it imperfect for tractor fitting

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