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LockNLube pistol-grip grease gun

A trustful grease gun is very important. Today you are going to read our complete LockNLube pistol-grip grease gun review. If you have any kind of equipment that wants lubricant regularly. These handheld tools are needed to hold a standard grease canister and put its contents directly into the fittings of the equipment using a special coupler. It can be manually powered with the help of a hand lever or automatic, compressed air, or using battery packs to release their grease. But, some people use a rigid pipe to direct their grease, most use a flexible hose, allowing users to maneuver the coupler onto the fittings. The LockNLube Grease Coupler is suitable for all grease fittings and grease guns also.

Shortly intro of LockNLube pistol-grip grease gun:

LockNLube pistol-grip grease gun is a professional series lever grease gun. It is an upgrade to the popular LNL152 pistol grip gun. The LNL152 model gives up to 8000 PSI. The aluminum head gives you the quality of a cast head feeling, with a very low weight of aluminum. A large economic grip means it provides more grip on the grease gun. The handle clip makes storage easy and clean. It also adds a feature that includes pending loop and lock storage that enrich storage and carry. For reloading the grease gun, you have to use an oversized locking notch on the bottom plate. It helps for easy and fast reloading and decreases any risk of knocking the follower rod out of place before the barrel is reattached.

It also adds many new features like a 20″ hose rated to 14,000 PSI, Air bleeder valve, LockNLube Grease coupler In-line hose swivel, and Replacement seal kit.

LockNLube’s Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun combines the best-selling coupler with high pressure and high quality. It is a high-volume grease gun that weight is very low. It also includes a 20″ horse and in-line hose swivel to help any grease fitting easier. Loop & Lock and the handle clip help the grease gun clean and easy to store. It also decreases the chance that you end up with grease where you don’t want it and clean the coupler when you are ready to grease.

Experience of LockNLube pistol-grip grease gun

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Subsequently, the LockNLube pistol-grip grease gun can be utilized in any position and gravity no longer assumes a part. The oil siphon siphons the oil through a hose to a spout. With the assistance of the long switch oil siphon. How much oil emerging from the spout would now be able to be dosed exactly. The spout is situated toward the finish of an adaptable high strain hose and is outfitted with a cap that forestalls trickling during long haul stockpiling.

The actual spout has a plastic (polyethylene) shoe that fits precisely over an oil areola and afterward stays set up later the spout has been clicked into the oil areola. On account of the delicate grasp handle and the wonderful ribbed elastic hold around the red chamber, siphoning is considerably more straightforward and your hands won’t slip rapidly from this oil weapon. To permit air that might, in any case, be in the chamber to get away, the chamber of this oil firearm is outfitted with a vent valve. The HBM proficient oil firearm is accessible in 2 forms,

What to Consider

I don’t tell you directly to buy the LockNLube pistol-grip grease gun. Before buying a gun, you have to measure what is perfect for you. The main inquiry to pose to yourself when you are purchasing an oil firearm is the thing that kind of force source is ideal for you. While manual models want you to pump a handle or lever to generate pressure, it is more flexible than automatic guns, especially when you have only had some fittings to do the work.

If you have a huge amount of lubricating, automatic can be better which is powered by batteries or compressed air. Battery-powered guns can be perfect for you if you have some tools already. It allows you to use the existing battery and purchase a low price gun that doesn’t require an expensive battery. Similarly, you have to think, about how much amount of grease you used.

Most of the grease guns take standard size ( grease cartridges) others like ( G.Gun Grease Gun ). It uses bulk grease to fill its 2 gallon, which makes it perfect and useful for anyone. But, if you use a small amount of grease as you use it on your bicycle or chainsaw, a smaller, durable gun would be perfect. Another factor, you have to mind it about the length of the hose that comes with the grease gun. Take much time to think about what type of gun you are buying. You can go outside and calculate how long a hose would be effective. But, I think the LockNLube pistol-grip grease gun would be the better choice.

LockNLube pistol-grip grease gun specification


  • Operating Pressure: eight thousand PSI
  • Flow Rate (strokes / oz.) : thirty seven
  • Hose Length (in.) :twenty
  • Weight (empty) :three point five lbs. (one point six kg)
  • Outlet Thread Size :one by six NPT
  • Capacity (oz.) : sixteen (bulk); fourteen (cartridge)
  • Loading Options :Cartridge, Suction, copper
  • Includes air bleeder valve and Loop and Lock? : Yes
  • Warranty: one year

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Benefits of LockNLube pistol-grip grease gun

  • LockNLube pistol-grip grease gun doesn’t leak, hold on
  • Loop and Lock storage help to keep clean and safe
  • Twenty heavyweight duty hose and in-line hose swivel
  • Ergonomic handle perfectly and rubber grip
  • It is very easy to remove the seal and jaw, not the coupler.
  • Maximum pressure forty MPa (5,800 psi)
  • 1077600: one point five cm³ (0.092 in³) Volume / Stroke
  • TLGH 1: Volume / stroke zero point nine cm³ (0.055 in³)
  • 1 077600H: 1077600 with a three hundred mm (12 in.) High-pressure hose with a hydraulic clamping nipple
  • 1077600 / SET included 1077600 with three extension tubes and a high-pressure hose, in a carrying case

Cons of LockNLube pistol-grip grease gun

  • It is not capable to handle all types of work. It is used for a specific number of work.

though this unit clearly makes it to our LockNLube pistol-grip grease gun. here is another LockNLube Grease Gun review. let’s have a look

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