DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set

In this DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set, you will find a huge number of different kits containing ratchets, sockets, and wrenches. They are only available at Sears.

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Introducing the DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set – a game-changer for professional contractors and MRO experts. With an exclusive range available only at Sears, DEWALT Mechanics tools stand as a remarkable alternative to Craftsman tools. Unveiling premium ratchets, sockets, and wrenches, DEWALT’s commitment shines with its top-notch quality and innovation.

Crafted for smooth performance, the ratchet handles are a standout feature. Their wider design exudes a premium feel, especially when dealing with tricky tasks like removing an exhaust manifold from a small Hyundai. The 72 smooth gear system grants a mere 5-degree turning range, easing access to tight spaces. A masterstroke of convenience, the larger kits extend the toolset, enhancing your capabilities.

DEWALT’s triumph lies in its unmatched dedication to competition. Stepping beyond the norm, they back their tools with a full-time warranty, a testament to their unwavering confidence. So, for those who crave excellence in their Mechanics tools, the DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set at Sears is your prime choice – where performance meets professionalism with a touch of innovation.


An American company of electrical tools for the sectors of assiduity and construction. The nonstop development of excellent quality products DEWALT Mechanics Tool and the constant hunt for innovative results have made it one of the most important companies in the sector worldwide.

The DeWalt Company has been in the business of producing professional quality tools since 1924, the time of Raymond. DeWalt innovated the company. Specializing in movable power tools and accessories specially designed for professionals in assiduity and construction, after nearly 100 times of history, DeWalt is one of the most innovative, dependable, and high-performance brands on request. In this sense, it isn’t surprising that, at present, it’s the largest manufacturer of power tools and accessories in the sector as well as the request leader in the utmost of the countries where it’s present.


This produced three socket sets for the new DeWalt machine tools. There are two basic sockets, one is 118 pieces (DWMT72163) and 156 pieces ( DWMT2164) that include both 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch ratchets with an additional 1/2 inch ratchet. Each of these sets offers a variety of head ratchets, combination wrenches, extension bars, bits, adapters, and universal joints.

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The new ratchets are available in different sizes: 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch drive. Dewalt believes that they offer three times more life than the standard. The pear head of the rackets helps them to handle and optimize for high torque ratcheting. It has anti-slip grooves that give a decent grip. The rackets are featured with a low profile directional lever and eject button that helps with one-handed operation. The two smaller kits include both 1/4 rackets and 3/8 rackets but if you want to use 1/2 inch racket, you will need to pick up the 204-piece DWMT72165 kit or buy the kits and sockets.


The new DeWalt machine tools set of sockets come with a range of SAE and metric sizes. Though the company looks after the deep laser etching on the sockets. A thin cross-etched beauty ring is located around the top of each socket and helps to keep them organized, secure, and easy to access. The large kit has 204 pieces of DWMT2165 and 156 pieces of DWMT72164 both include Allen and Stardrive sockets.


The three different kits come with various wrenches. Dewalt is also offering great quality wrench kits in four sizes. DeWalt’s new combination of wrenches is an anti-slip design. It helps in gripping power and prevents slippage. It has high-quality steel and long-panel forging. Users will feel the enjoyment of the leverage and high torque. It is available with reverse ranching technology, both SAE and metric sizes are offered in these wrenches.

The new kits are available now. Here, the various kits and configurations are in retail prices:

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Unboxing the DeWalt Mechanic’s Tool Set

I was expecting a set of Stanley Black and Decker tools that I have recently seen. This was not bad after all but It didn’t expect DeWalt to change as much as the name on the case. DeWalt came out swinging. The case helps to perform well but DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set packaging quality is above other brands.

Its blow-molded case greatly outshines the Stanley case. When I checked every tool, I could not find any manufacturing defects, and each piece of the tool is of great quality. DeWalt’s case also upgrades its quality, it is upgraded from plastic clamps to metal latches that hold toolboxes together. Plastic bits don’t give a good impression.


Every extension, socket, and adapter features sizing engraved in them, no sketchy laser engraving here. The bit driver has a very great quality than others and it comes with its dedicated wells. The rackets are featured with the Stanley Black and Decker standard 72-tooth drive but they aren’t just come with Craftsman or Stanley units. While the handles are memorial of the new, sleek Craftsman design the caps are much smaller.

I believed that the slim profile might compromise truthfulness, but these can serial into those places the others would struggle to reach. That said, I had a Suitable work in mind for this toolset.

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What’s Good About DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set

This isn’t the first set of Decker and Stanley Black tools for work. So, I know some about how to handle it. Additionally, I love it because the toolmakers make the ratchets smooth and make them enjoyable for the users. I think other companies would follow DeWalt’s toolset strategy. I know the rectangular-like tools are not looking fit on the eyes but it gives you a grip very enjoyable. The compact head is my favorite thing in the entire set. It is very helpful for us when space is low.

Its quick-release function is a unique quality. The button on the front of the ratchet adds to the thickness of the head and it is very helpful to engage. The button on these rackets is very small, so it doesn’t create any problem. The entire kit covers up with DeWalt’s name. The bit-driver collection, quality of the sockets, and other great quality parts add huge value to the tools set. The kit also offers double tools with the same quality which makes it more budget-friendly than any other tool.

What’s Not Good About DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set

There is a lot of good quality in DeWalt’s tools set but it has some problems also. I have taken a talk against Stanley and Craftsman for their internal operation. So, I want to highlight some things that I dislike about the DeWalt’s. Stanley Black and Decker make many rackets with a single-pawl design. This single-pawl design is better than the twin-pawl layout in terms of durability. The Twin-pawl layout has some major drawbacks. The pin that presses the pawl into the driver gear is very thin metal. I have no problem with this system.


However, I am using these tools for light tasks and a few jobs. Because of doing light work, its durability, and reliability are unknown to me. I have seen single-pawl rackets which have many good-quality pins. It makes me surprised that Stanley Black and Decker doesn’t take the same strategy. There are not so many drawbacks to this set and I do not dislike this set much. Considering everything else this set offers great quality at a reasonable price.