Craftsman Mechanics Tool Set

Craftsman mechanics tool set

Introducing the Craftsman Mechanics Tool Set – your trusty partner for tough jobs. With 307 sockets in 3 sizes, including hex bit, spark plug, and Torx sockets, it’s a toolbox essential. The 84-tooth ratchets offer slim access, while durability and reliability ensure you can tackle any job. Get more done effortlessly!

The following are the additional features of Craftsman mechanics tool set:


  • One hundred three full polish wrenches: combination, stubby combination, reversible ratcheting, box end, flare nut, tappet, ignition & obstruction
  • Eighty-three, 1/4″ drive tools: ratchet, extension bars, adapter, universal joint, spinner handle & sockets
  • One hundred forty-one, 3/8″ drive tools: ratchet, extension bars, adapter, universal joint & sockets
  • One hundred two, 1/2″ drive tools: ratchet, extension bars, adapter, universal joint & sockets
  • Forty hex keys in inch & metric sizes
  • Two magnetic bit handle
  • Twenty-two screwdriver & nut driver bits
  • Eight slotted & Phillips screwdrivers

Unboxing Craftsman 

I was excited about the unboxing of the Craftsman mechanics tool set. The packing of the craftsman tools set surprised me a lot. It was very compact and durable. I was expecting to arrive with a simple cardstock brand with basic packing and product information. If you use the hand tools much time, you will notice that the box quality is between midway to high-end tool cabinets and the flimsy storage that offer as a budget kit.

plastic cover

The plastic cover is inexpensive but it does the job just perfectly. Every individual space for each component keeps things very organized and project them from defect. It’s organized and looking to attract any person to choose this. Cleaning is very easy for any person to end the day when you can quickly scan the tray and clean it very easily. So, cleaning is not a big matter for these toolsets.

This toolset includes a combination of ratchets, wrenches, extensions, sockets, deep-well sockets, a dedicated spark plug socket, and hex keys in standard and metric sizes. Some other variations also include a combination of wrenches for small bolts and nuts. Sufficient choice options of 6 and 12-point sockets let you choose your favorable grip that is easy to use for you. It is very important for success.

The size and weight of this tool are middleweight. It is used as the most common standard for its tools and metric sockets and wrenches. Three sizes of ratchets keep the bases covered but the most heavy-duty jobs. But, the whole package of the tools is very easy to pack and it saves your time when you go on a trip or load it very easily into the car to help a buddy across town. Any smaller, you don’t want which is not helpful for your work. Any bigger, you don’t need it if you have to move continuously.

Craftsman 450-piece mechanic’s tool set

Make your hard days easier with the help of a Craftsman 450-piece machine toolset. For any undertaking as convoluted as you go through the entire day in the engine to something as straightforward as fixing a bolt, you need to pick what you really want for your work. This set comes with perfect sizes and measurements that help your work and you will do your work perfectly.

  • 191 sockets, six-point, eight-point, and twelve-point, in both inch and metric sizes Craftsman mechanics tool set for feature
  • Three quick-release ratchets in 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ drives
  • Six extension bars to extend your reach
  • An array of sixteen combination wrenches let you slip in where the ratchet won’t go
  • Comes with twelve nut drivers
  • One hundred seventy-five screwdriver bits give you a nice variety
  • 40 magnetic handle for easy nut or bit installation
  • Forty hex keys
  • Include Six adaptors
  • Includes a three-drawer case

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Craftsman 320-piece mechanic’s tool set

You have to work hard to make sure that all work is done. The Craftsman 320-piece mechanic’s toolset help to do your done perfectly. All work is not required the same featured and size tools. Different works required different tools. So, decide beforehand which tools you need for your work.

  • 152 sockets (six-point, eight-point, and twelve-point) in both inch and metric sizes
  • Four extension bars help extend your reach
  • Includes quick-release ratchets in One-forth, three to eight-and-a-half drives
  • Eight combination wrenches let you slip in where the ratchet won’t go
  • Comes with a magnetic handle with twelve nut drivers in inch and metric sizes
  • Ninety-six screwdriver bits give you quick power and versatility
  • Comes with forty hex keys and 4 adapters
  • Includes a three-drawer case

Craftsman 230-piece mechanics tool set

Craftsman mechanics tool set for price

The Craftsman 230-piece mechanic’s toolset will help you to complete your work perfectly. This set is very easy to use and you easily know what type of work you can do with this tool. So, you can easily identify, whether this tool is suitable for your work or not. The Craftsman 230-piece toolset is also very durable to protect each piece of tool and this case can be stored inside your home or garage. Craftsman tools are very durable and each piece of set you can use for several years. If you want to buy it for yourself or gift someone, you feel confident about the quality of this product.

  • Two extension bars
  • Seven combination wrenches in standard, metric & copper
  • Magnetic handle with twelve nut drivers, inch and metric, and 50 screwdriver bits
  • Includes quick-release ratchets in One-forth, three to eight-and-a-half drives, with 116 sockets in both inch and metric measures and six- and twelve-point
  • Forty hex keys
  • Add a carrying case

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What is good about the Craftsman mechanics tool set

If you ask me about this tool, I am now a big fan of this tool. Versatility is one of the main strengths of this tool. The three drive sizes are made of dedicated and quality aluminum components with 1/4 inch ratchet or retaining bolts the business with the burly 1/2-inch ratchet. Most of the work is done with ratchets between the 3/8-inch drive ratchets. All three extensions are set into tight spaces. There are various types of wrenches to manage various types of work. The generous suite of standard and metric sizes across the board rarely leaves me standard.

What dislike

I like the Craftsman mechanics tool set a lot but it has some weaknesses in various important projects. When elbow grease doesn’t cut it, the “sockets” in this toolset aren’t what you need. I had to add impact sockets to level up my working power. It is an extra cost for you if it doesn’t do use for useful work. Hex bits for ratchets are very helpful but it is added later. I opted for a 3/8 inch drive and haven’t needed anything larger than that.