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Mobile Mechanic Toolbox-2022

Mobile Mechanic Toolbox – 10 Best Tools You Need to Repair Mobile

Have you been planning to buy a mobile mechanic tool kit? If the answer is yes, then there’s one thing you need to keep in mind while purchasing a mobile mechanic toolbox, it’s a one-time investment, and you don’t keep investing in a mobile toolbox repeatedly. A mobile mechanic toolbox is considered a one-time investment, and therefore you need to do your research well before investing in one.

Keep in mind that if you go for one that is easy on the pocket, the quality might not be up to the mark. This might lead to you investing in a mobile mechanic tool kit that isn’t of good quality and doesn’t do its job well. In this article, we are going to talk about everything you need to know about the mechanic toolbox so that you can work with them comfortably without facing any issues in the long run. Just keep reading.

What Is a Mobile Mechanic Toolbox?

Having the exact mobile mechanic toolkit is essential for DIYers to repair and maintain their necessary everyday machines. A mobile mechanic toolbox or toolkit as the name already suggests consists of several tools you need on a day-to-day basis for repairing your mobile phones. And because you need this toolkit almost regularly, it is necessary to invest in a toolbox keeping in mind their overall value, usefulness, and durability.

Best Mobile Mechanic Toolbox List for Your Mobile Mechanic Toolbox

Below is mentioned the list of some of the best mobile repairing tools that a mobile mechanic needs to have:

1. Soldering Iron: Mobile Mechanic Toolbox

A soldering iron is a must in a mobile mechanic toolkit to remove any capacitor resistance. A 50-watt iron is all you need for mobile repair. Keep in mind when buying a soldering iron that you have enough space to hold it as it can turn out to be pretty hot.

2. Multimeter:-Mobile Mechanic Toolbox

There are two types of multimeters available in the market: digital and analog. Digital multimeters are used more often in a mobile toolbox. When buying a multimeter, ensure that the device is sensitive and of good quality.

3. Soldering Station

The soldering station comes with two components. Firstly, a stand for the iron, and secondly, here you get an option for reducing temperature. The soldering station helps one have better control over increasing or decreasing temperature, which is why it becomes an important addition to the mobile mechanic toolbox.

4. Antistatic/ESD Mat

The antistatic mat is a must-have in any mobile toolbox as it protects against any electrical accidents. The mat comes with fine wiring, which ensures that you remain protected from any mishaps when working with electrical devices. Another advantage of using an antistatic mat is that it holds all your accessories needed for the mobile repair together.

5. Soldering Wire

Soldering wire is a must-have for the mobile mechanic toolbox as it is needed to connect the IC, charging jack, or any other component of the motherboard with the motherboard. The soldering iron is available in various sizes – thick, medium, or thin. So, choose accordingly. Also, remember a good quality soldering wire is necessary so that it lasts long.

6. Hot Air Blower/Surface Mount Device

The hot air blower helps remove components inside the motherboard. Using a hot air blower to remove or install components ensures that work is done efficiently and quickly. One thing to keep in mind before using this is having proper knowledge about using it in the right way without damaging the motherboard.

7. PCB Holder/Stand

One of the most important components of the mechanic toolbox is the PCB holder since it helps hold on to the motherboard tightly while you do your work or repair your mobile. While buying a PCB holder, make sure that it is not very lightweight and fragile, as this will end up defeating its purpose.

8. Magnifier/Microscope

The components inside the motherboard are usually fine and need a lot of precision to be worked on, which is why a microscope or magnifier is an important element of the mobile mechanic toolbox. There are many choices available in the market today when it comes to microscopes. So, choose wisely.

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9. Magnifying Lamp

A mobile mechanic toolbox is incomplete without a magnifying lamp. A magnifying lamp helps get a magnified and clearer view of the PCB of any mobile phone. Almost all magnifying lamps come with a light. Choose the magnification of 3x to 50x according to your preference and requirements.

10. Precision Screwdriver

What mobile mechanic tool kit will be complete without a precision screwdriver? Whether you need to unscrew and remove some screws or tighten some while dissembling or assembling a mobile phone, a precision screwdriver is a must. For mobile repairing, screwdrivers of sizes T4, T5, and T6 are perfect.

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● Which Screwdrivers Are Used to Open Any Mobile Phone?

Precision screwdrivers like T4, T5, T6, and T7 are more than enough to assemble back or disassemble any mobile phone, including iPhone or any other android phone.

● What Tools Do You Need to Build Your Mobile Mechanic Toolbox?

Tools like a soldering station, soldering iron, ESD mat, magnifying lamp, and screwdrivers are an absolute necessity if you are looking to build your mobile mechanic toolbox.

● What Is Considered the Most Important Tool, When It Comes to Repairing a Mobile Phone?

A digital or analog multimeter is considered the most necessary device to repair phones, check components and tracks, find faults, etc. This is why you need to invest in good quality and reliable ESD-safe multimeter for any mobile repair work.

When investing in a mobile mechanic tool kit and equipment for your tool kit, it is necessary to select the best quality tools, even if it might seem a bit costly initially. It’s because inexpensive or cheap tools may not be comfortable or handy to use while fixing a mobile phone. Even if buying little expensive good quality tools might seem like making a hole in your pocket, remember, you are going to be immensely satisfied and happy that you got some good-quality tool set for your mobile toolbox in the long run.

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